Sunday, January 17, 2010

High School here we come

My son is going to be in high school next year! It really feels like I was just there myself, and here I am 40 approaching faster that I would like, but approaching nonetheless. Ethan and I had our first meeting for the high school band last week, and as I sat there listening to all of the band kids introduce themselves, I was grinning because it is just the funniest thing to see how much the kids babble on about themselves, and that's okay because at that age it is the human condition to be concerned with you tiny little world, the world around will become apparent soon enough, it is still okay for kids to be kind of selfish through these years. When the meeting was through my son got in the van and said that high school girls really talk A LOT! And that just made me chuckle. I am really enjoying watching him go from being a little kid to being a young adult, and when he asks me why I am laughing, it is because I take joy in watching him figure things out on his own. Doesn't mean I will stop checking on him before I go to bed at night. Big changes around here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Growing Pains

When my eldest son was a bit younger, he would wake up in the middle of the night in agony. He had what the doctor called growing pains in his legs, I would give him Motrin and that would do the trick. These days I am wishing that they made Motrin for puberty! It seems like all my 13 year old and I do is argue, about nothing! I say the sky is blue, and he says's pink! I really miss the days of him thinking that I am just the coolest person in the world, on the other hand, it is really neat to see the way he is growing and changing. I think a lot of the time I think of my 13 year old as on auto pilot because the two younger children need me so much for basic things. I think that the growing pains that we are feeling now are going to be the stuff he will be made of as an adult, and maybe between arguments he still secretly thinks I am pretty cool.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to school

Well, today marks the one week point for my son returning to school, he began 8th grade last week. I have to say, there is something about having a routine every day, it seems to make things run more smoothly, I like that.
My 13 year old is really beginning to notice girls, there is a girl who he has known since pre-k, who he has developed a crush on. He sent her an email telling her that every time she says hello to him, he feels like he is going to throw up, but in a good way. Ahhh! to be 13 and have to go through all of that puberty stuff again, no thanks! But it sure is fun to witness!
My 3 year old is going through a phase where every time there is the slightest change, he melts down, my husband of course puts up with this, gets upset about this and so on, me? I just throw him over my shoulder and walk out of wherever we are, it can be exhausting having a child yell and scream like that, maybe I should invest in ear plugs!
As for my little Ry, he is my comic relieve, always happy and smiling! I am convinced that he is laughing at me, because he knows what he is going to put me through eventually!
Ahhhh! The joys of parenting!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Love

You know I have to say that since the moment my children were born, I have been crazy about them. There are people out there who may say that I hold them too much, that I spoil them because they slept in my bed, and probably breastfed for entirely too long for the American standard. I don't care! I love them, I love the way they smell, I love that I want to hang out with them, and I love that some of the things that come out of their mouths make me belly laugh until it hurts. I am probably going to take some flack for my next statement, but who cares. I really dislike parents who let their children's schedule dictate their lives, "Oh we cannot do that because it falls right in the middle of so and so's nap time" give me a break people! let the kids nap in the car!. Don't get me wrong, some structure is nice but as adults, we need a life too, and I choose to have my children be a part of my life. SO here is my spiel.....Babies should be carried by a parent, not in a car seat, breastfeeding is better for a baby than formula, simple as that, children should be able to sleep near their parents, and for all of you women out there who have some kind of opinion about any of this, look at who's children are calmer and more able to adapt to given situations. My babies will not be babies for ever, I know because I have a teenager too! I am going to enjoy it while it lasts!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

As long as I can remember I have been a huge fan of music, not any specific type, all music for the most part. I am amazed at anyone who can strum, pluck, beat, or sing a note of music, probably because I can't. I actually fell in love with my husband instantly because he was sitting on the sofa just playing music on the guitar, that was the exact moment that I fell in love with him, even though he says that he does not play anymore, and that he is not a fan, I know better, he still loves music too.
So answer this for me, how is it that two people who have such a great love for music, end up with two small children who love to dance around to the song "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas! It has got to be the funniest most endearing thing to watch. Rylan my ten month old gets this enormous grin on his face and starts doing the bounce, right on beat too! Aidan who is almost three runs around in circles like a crazy man! Of course I have to join in on the dancing, and don't kid yourself, my hubby does too! So here we are a bunch of crazy people jumping around to hip hop in our living room, all because Aidan says "I wanna git git boom boom".
Never underestimate what you will find joy in, because of you kids.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home again, home again.

Greetings from the northeast,
The air here today seems to be very heavy, like it wants to rain, but it doesn't. This is the first time I have ever blogged, and I am not sure that anyone will ever read this. I am going to fill this blog with stories that amuse me, mainly about my three sons, and an occasional mention of my dog.
We were on vacation this week in central PA. we did Hershey park and Amish country. Interesting people those Amish, the younger ones seem a little unruly, one of them actually burped at us!
I have come to the conclusion that my two younger sons are too young for vacation, they were out of their space and off any kind of routine, and man oh man! did we pay, between the crying jags and the exploding diapers life could not have been any better( insert sarcasm here).
We are back home now and no worse for the ware, I am back to my diet tomorrow, I think I may have gained three pounds, but who's counting? : ) I was on vacation, and all of my children made it back alive!